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The Serenity Prayer Re-envisioned as a Kick-Butt Battle Plan for Your Life

battleplan.jpgWhen I was a small boy, my mother had a lot of crafty things hanging on the walls: pictures of geese, cross-stitches of farm animals; that sort of thing. She also had an inspirational quotation embroidered onto white canvas, hanging on the kitchen wall, near the pantry.

Little did I know that the tattered and frayed words stitched into that canvas in blue yarn contained a secret. That’s right, a secret. What secret? The secret to happiness and success, that’s what secret. The secret we all wish we had.

The quotation was originally penned in the 1930’s by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. It’s called the Serenity Prayer. And despite its obvious Christian origins, you don’t have to be a Christian to recognize its powerful wisdom:

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

Contained within that single sentence is a grand idea that sweeps across races, religions, walks of life, and world views: the universal human idea that success can be decomposed into 4 characteristics:

1) Discernment: The ability to understand which motivations should drive you to change the world, and which should drive you to increase your own tolerance, flexibility, and acceptance.

2) Peace of Mind: If you’ll allow me a little creative license, I believe the serenity spoken of in the prayer is the inevitable result of balance between your environment and your mind; the thing you feel when you have changed whatever should be changed and accepted whatever cannot (or should not) be changed, although it’s clear the intent of the quotation is the latter.

3) Competence: skill to change the things that should be changed.

4) Courage: determination required to face great adversity while leaving your imprint upon the world.

These 4 characteristics are essential to practically any personal development strategy. By possessing and applying each of these, we can train ourselves to lead happy, productive lives.

Inward vs. Outward Resolution

Every time you feel a pang of dissatisfaction, you have an opportunity to make one of life’s most important decisions: Change the world? Or change your attitude? This decision between inward and outward resolution is the beating heart of Reinhold Niebuhr’s quotation.

So how do we decide? Niebuhr suggests spirituality, a viable option for many, in all its varying forms: prayer, meditation, introspection. Conversely, you can decide how to handle a problem by placing it into one of the following 4 categories:

1. Unchangeable: some things ya just can’t change, baby.

2. Moral Victory: and some things are worth fighting for, even if ya can’t win, right?

3. Inadvisable Change: oh, but sometimes the cost of making the change is greater than the cost of the status quo, even if change is possible.

4. Advisable Change: And finally, there are those problems that present us with opportunities or obligations to shake the lead out of our lives and make a real difference.

What problems are you experiencing right now?  Go on, think about it.  And now that you’ve got those problems floating at the top of your mind, categorize them.  What category of problem are you dealing with?  Change or no change?  Action or acceptance?

Make your choice.

The Power of Categorizing Your Problems 

The other night, I was driving home in the rain, caught in traffic.  Some crazy man cut me off, and my anger flared. I took a deep breath and thought, What category of problem is traffic? I allowed myself a few minutes of continued frustration while I considered whether I could do anything to fix the traffic, such as taking an alternate route; alas, the problem was unchangeable.

I took a deep breath, resigned myself to the inevitability of the commute, and felt serenity wash over me like a wave. The act of categorizing a problem offered an oddly effective sense of finality.   

The next time you find yourself troubled, categorize your problem: unchangeable? moral victory? inadvisable change? or advisable change?

In the grand scheme of things, traffic is a minor problem, but a surprising number of life’s aggravations are similarly inconsequential. Bigger problems require more time to accept, but it’s no surprise that acceptance is the final stage of grief, and the quicker we surrender, the faster peace arrives.

Competence and Courage

In addition to discernment and peace of mind, the other two characteristics suggested by the Serenity Prayer (with a bit of admitted creative license) are competence and courage, with courage mentioned explicitly.  To change the things that should be changed, you need both.

Whether your goal is to start your own business, learn a new trade, find a new relationship, or whatever else, you need specific skills. Often, the very act of acquiring those skills can require courage, as can using them.  Once you decide what you want (or need) to do, develop those skills, boost your self-efficacy, and take care of business with the courage of a warrior.

Do you need more education?  Go get it.  Do you need to face your fears? Go get ’em, Tiger.  Courage and competence, competence and courage.  Your twin allies on the road to change.

The Serenity Battle Plan: 1, 2, 3 

When a problem rears its ugly head, you can tremble in fear, waste time in indecision, or take an immediate series of steps to resolve it:

Step 1. Categorize the problem.

Step 2. If the problem cannot (or should not) be changed, focus on surrender and acceptance or, alternatively, achieving a moral victory.

Step 3. If the problem can and should be changed, do you have the skills to change it? Muster courage, draw up a plan, gather those skills, and charge forth, flags waving.

Life’s short; take it by the horns.

And by taking my own penchant for writing personal development articles by the horns, I’ve managed to turn something as calm as the Serenity Prayer into a battle cry for action; I’ll accept responsibility for that twist and humbly exit stage left, leaving you with old wisdom re-envisioned for the modern world.

The oldies are often the goodies, and everything I ever needed to know about solving life’s problems really was hanging on the cracked plaster wall near the pantry in my mother’s kitchen when I was 9 years old.


39 Responses to “The Serenity Prayer Re-envisioned as a Kick-Butt Battle Plan for Your Life”

  • Suemandy says:

    Great article, John. I like the way to took that old saying and turned it into something fresh.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks, Suemandy. Reinhold Niebuhr actually did most of the heavy lifting on this one.

    The Serenity Prayer is a great piece of writing: simple, to the point, says everything that needs to be said.

    I only wrote this post because I’ve always thought the wisdom in that one little sentence was tremendous, and here I’ve tried to show all the ways I think that’s so.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  • Peter says:

    John I agree, the serenity prayer contains within it powerful and eternal wisdom. Funnily enough it came to mind during a recent situation I was in. I like your take on it, and the battle plan is very original :) .

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks Peter!

  • Hi John, very well put. I wrote a similar post a year ago called the Serenity Prayer Experiment. At the time I needed to make some major life decisions and so I started from the bottom up with the Serenity Prayer. It was extremely effective.

    BTW, I found your blog from the Law of Attraction link list on Aaron’s Today is That Day.

    Excellent post!

    In Spirit,

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks for the comment, Nneka. I also enjoyed your post on the Serenity Prayer. Great minds think alike, as they say. :)

  • Jason says:

    As always, when it comes to making positive changes in your life, it comes back to awareness, or to use the wordage above, discernment. Without awareness, we are little above animals or automatons.

    Once we have awareness, we are whatever we choose to be.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Excellent point, Jason.

  • ChrisR says:

    First of all, great article. I have the serenity prayer hanging on my wall actually, and I know how useful it can be.

    Something that has always bothered me though, although this may be a bit off topic, is people who say life is short. In the words of Chris Rock, “life is looong, *especially* if you make the wrong decisions.” Generally the people who have come up with that kind of stuff are those who are going to die soon. I’m only 18, and yet I know so much and have experienced so much. Yet, I have probably about 3 more of my lifetimes or more to live through. Just something to think about.

    In the end, as wise men have said, our life revolves around the decisions we make. In that way, the serenity prayer can be useful in helping to recognize the right ones.

  • JohnPlace says:


    My point was this: Our time here is finite, and the days that we lose to indecision and ineffectiveness are impacting the quality of our experience during the time we have.

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  • Basye says:

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    Who is The Boss?

    Pet dogs are basically kamagra pack animals. This implies that by their natural instinct they will follow the leader with the pack. By their natural instincts, they are going to also try to become the leader. To be happy in dog training and also to have your dog listen to you and obey your commands, you have got to be the leader for a dog.

    Nevertheless, you must kamagra also be careful and see which dog breed your dog is. Blindly putting on the leadership principle for those who have a naturally assertive dog like the Jack Russell terrier breed may result in a disaster.
    Schutzhund vigrax dog vigrax stands for “protection dog” in Languages like german. Together with, in the beginning 1900s, Schutzhund dog training was established as a sport to assess the dogs’ characteristics that were imperative for use within law enforcement-type of work. In the beginning, this German Shepherd breed was the only one that was put with the severities of training. Right now, any dog breed may compete.

    A Schutzhund dog really need certain qualities that make it a worthwhile breed. For example, they need to get:

    – Agility

    – Courage

    : Good sniffer vigrax

    : Intelligence viagra

    – Protection instinct kamagra

    In the event the dogs viagra kamagra vigrax pass the checks, and very few complete, they are often trained for all kinds of law enforcement related activities including bomb detection, drug detection and search and rescue.

    An overview Of Schutzhund Dog Exercising

    Schutzhund dog training is an kamagra organized system, which has viagra changed within the last 100 years. The reason for the change is that some folks believed the process was slightly inhumane. Right now, the exercise is strict and firm; nevertheless, abuse toward the dogs is not allowed.

    Previous training vigrax was founded on a minute number of arranged courses and manuals. Nevertheless, as the training became more widespread and well-known, that expansion of educating the dog owner to begin dog training slid into Dvd videos and videos.

    That test has three stages of development:

    – Checking

    – Compliance

    : Protection

    There are certain skills vigrax that kamagra should be taught to a dog when he/she can be a puppy like tracking together with retrieving, leash training and behavior

    Most puppies viagra will show characteristics in the beginning if they meet all the qualifications for Schutzhund pet training. There are variations in each training method but most of them focus on four basic skills:

    1 – Compliance/Obedience – The first trait sought from that Schutzhund dog is complying (or obedience). Most courses have 11 basic commands including but not limited to:

    – Heel positioning

    – Object pointing kamagra vigrax

    – Focus and attention viagra

    – Retrieving

    : Stand

    – Sit viagra kamagra

    – Down kamagra viagra

    2 – Clicker Training – Don’t assume all single kamagra dog training involving Schutzhunds operate the clicker training; nevertheless, they make use of a similar technique. This is referred to as positive reinforcement, which is the best way to alter a dog’s habit. Clicker exercising should be started in the event the dog is just some sort of puppy (around 10 weeks of age).

    3 – Protection – Once your dog is young, you viagra want them to learn it’s okay to bark at strangers and approach only when you have given the all-clear. Every dog that displays lack of control, fear or aggression will be gone from the levels of competition. While the dog is training, he/she must recognize when someone/thing is a threat and be wanting to attack. However, they also ought to be self-controlled enough to stop the attack in the event the command has been provided.

    several – Tracking – When preparing for teaching your dog, you’ll wish to begin simple. Since cues, use the aiming and pointing involving objects. Add difficulty to your tracking once the dog becomes more capable. Schutzhund dog training teaches pet to identify a target’s scent and then to start giving chase until he/she’s been termed off.

    If you choose to train kamagra vigrax your dog, you might want to improve a certain number of skills your dog may use to finish that process rapidly and effectively. Any time you’re a trainer, you must realise that many dogs battle to attain the success stage that’s.

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