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Response to Reader Questions: Yes, this Blog Remains Upwardly Mobile

questionmark.jpgFirst off, let me apologize for making two personal posts within two days — I like to keep my articles focused on you, the reader; not on me.

But I have to tell you a quick story. My wife popped into the office a few hours ago to read my last post — you know, the post where I mentioned my new job. After reading the post, she looked me dead in the eye and said, “Post a retraction.”

“Why would I post a retraction?” I asked her.

She turned off my desktop radio, mercifully putting an end to Andy Gibb’s howling, and said, “If you don’t make it clear to your readers that your blog will continue to operate even after your new job begins, they’re going to assume you’re vanishing into the hills. Seriously, John, that last post sounded like a eulogy.”

My wife usually has a pretty good instinct about this sort of thing, so I was not surprised when I later discovered 76 emails in my inbox from concerned readers expressing condolences on my departure.

So please allow me to clear this up:

  • I’m not going anywhere.
  • I will do my best to keep the blog moving forward.
  • The blog is not closing.
  • My dreams are alive and well.
  • The Feeds and Email subscriptions are open for business.
  • In general, If you’re ready to read, I’m ready to roll.

Unfortunately, I may have unintentionally given the impression that my return to work hit me unexpectedly; that I foolishly left my day-job 5 months ago hoping to earn a livable wage blogging, sans safety net. I assure you, neither is true.

Five months ago, the office where I worked closed its doors forever, and my job vanished out from under me. Instead of sitting around doing nothing (or heading directly back to work), I decided to do something productive and different. I started this blog. I think it has turned out wonderfully. And I always knew the day would come when I’d return to work.

I still believe in the importance of meaningful, purpose-driven work. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and few blogging empires pay a livable wage within 5 months; I’ve always known this. Things take time. Sacrifices are necessary. That’s life. And I’m happy to be living it.

When I finally do manage to earn a livable wage from this blog, I hope you will be inspired. Until then, I hope you’ll hang around to watch the climb, read the articles, and share your opinions. In short, join the party; the fun is just beginning.

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13 Responses to “Response to Reader Questions: Yes, this Blog Remains Upwardly Mobile”

  • Gwen says:

    thank god your wife reads your posts…

  • JohnPlace says:

    Gwen, I Thank God for my wife for so many reasons.

    She’s awesome.

  • Bolo says:

    John, you about gave me a heart attack with your last post and I am happy you straightened it out with this one here. I LOVE your blog. Read it all the time. I am glad it is not going away. I told all my friends about it too since its very helpful for those of us wrestling with the money vs. dreams issue. In light of your new job, I am sure you will have additional information to share in this light. Keep bloggin’, brother!

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Bolo!

  • chabuhi says:

    Glad to know you’re not hanging it up altogether. I think I probably only discovered your blog 3 or 4 months ago (and here I thought I was a late-comer), and I subscribed because I’m bound to find something inspiring in any of your posts.

    I’ll keep checking in!

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thank you, Chabuhi. Looks like you practically got in on the ground floor. I certainly enjoy having you as a reader, and I’m glad you’re sticking around. :)

  • Ellen Rennard says:

    Your blog absolutely changes lives, and I’m pleased you will continue to share your wisdom with us here, despite your foray into full-time employment. I’m sure others will agree with my wish that your full-time job would be taking this blog on the road in seminar form, but alas, that vision isn’t today’s. All the best wishes for your continued success in whatever venue you choose. Our hearts remain with you here.

    Light and love

  • JohnPlace says:

    Ellen, believe me when I say that I would love to make my living by taking this blog on the road in seminar form. In fact, there may be some unexplored potential there, now that I think about it.

    Thanks for your kind words, Ellen. Knowing that I’m making a difference certainly does help provide incentive to keep bloggin’ away, whether I ever take the show on the road or not.

  • Ellen Rennard says:

    Okay, I’m laughing at just how fertile the soil is that I dropped that little seminar seed into. I truly believe that the world is hungry for the wisdom you offer and I suspect that the personal energy delivered in a seminar would increase the tangible results in people’s lives exponentially. I hope you pursue that unexplored potential.

    And now a question for a future blog:
    How did you come to know what you know? (I recognize that some of your words are distilled from the writings of others, yet there is a “duh” quality about your concepts in that they are concrete, simply phrased, easily accessible and above all, easily translated into action.) What in your background prepared you for this work? And what did it take for you to trust whatever it in you that “knows”? I have a hunch that inner trust is the first step (then of course come the “what will people think” ego traps, but one step at a time, eh?).

    Big thanks for all you do!

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks Ellen. :)

    The question you posed is deserving of its own article, that’s for sure. There’s a lot to cover. My answer here really won’t do your question justice, but here are some of the factors involved: reading (lots of reading), especially positive psyche books; a wealth of personal experience pertaining to the topic; a facility for language and communication; self-efficacy; self-esteem; an ability to “see the ice,” as they say in hockey; and, most importantly, a desire to help people, which drives me to improve my competencies daily.

    When it’s all said and done, I’m just happy to share what I know. Hopefully it finds purchase in someone’s head. :)

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