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End of an Era: Time to Get a Day Job

This post is just a quick notice to all my faithful readers that my life, and this blog, are going through some changes. As it so happens, I can no longer afford to blog full-time. And so it is with great sadness that my 5-month stint as a full-time blogger comes to a close. I just landed a new job outside of the blogging world, and I will start working there 2 weeks from Monday. This isn’t goodbye (so please keep showing up!), but it is the dawn of a new era.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. I’ve done my best to write articles to make the world a better place, and if I’ve touched your life in any way, I sure would love to hear about it.

If you’ll indulge me, I want to take a few minutes to thank my readers and subscribers. I started this blog 5 months ago, hoping to touch as many lives as possible. Since that time, this site has received nearly 7 million hits and 1 million page views. At one point, I had an article on the front page of Digg and Reddit at the same time, and this site received so much traffic that I thought the server was going to crash. Many thanks to Blue Host for keeping us up and running.

And I want to thank all of you. My 350,000 unique visitors and 1600+ subscribers have made blogging a truly rewarding activity. I cherish my subscribers more than anything. Thank you so much for signing up. I hope you’ve enjoyed my feed.

So what does this mean for you? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. A new job is always uncharted water, so only time will tell how much this will squeeze my blogging activities. I can only ask you to be patient, and promise you that I will do everything within my power to keep this blog moving forward.

Please know that getting to know all of you through your emails and comments has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and this Web site has been a true labor of love. Don’t get me wrong; it hasn’t always been easy trying to satisfy such a diverse audience. But it has always been rewarding.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I could share here, but I guess I won’t bore you with the details of my life, my new job, or this blog, unless you ask. Just know that I value each and every one of you and that going back to work is very bitter sweet. I haven’t given up on my dream of blogging full time, but blogging is a long-tail phenomenon, and in the meantime, I have bills to pay.

And again, thank you all for continuing to read.

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26 Responses to “End of an Era: Time to Get a Day Job”

  • Heath says:

    I’m a new reader and have enjoyed the blog this last week. I am curious about your new job. I hope that it’s stimulating enough to keep you satisfied. Have you read Steve Pavlina’s reasons not to get a job (kidding, I know that must’ve been a hard decision)? My personal favorites are “American Zombie” and the memorization article. Keep bloggin.


  • Congratulations on the new jobs. What is it?

    You’ve had quite a varied background,it would be interesting to know how your path is going.

    Will keep you in prayer. Hope we can still correspond.

  • Bubs says:

    I’m also a new reader and actually just started reading yesterday, found your blog when I was searching to improve my memory. Anyway congrats on the new job.

  • Long-time reader and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your style and I hope things work out for you.

  • Jason says:

    Hope the job you’re taking is something that you love, and not just something that you have to do in order to make ends meet.

  • Jake says:

    I also hope you are getting a job because you really enjoy doing it. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to work for the money, because then you would be like the rest of us!

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement, everyone. I appreciate each of you.

    Jake, it’s interesting that you said I would be “just like the rest of you” if I had to get a job to pay my bills. In point of fact, I’ve always been just like the rest of you. You guys are my friends, and I’ve always thought of myself as just one of the gang. And I do appreciate the opportunity to hang out with all of you and discuss important life issues.

    I know a lot about positive psychology, workplace motivational theory, and real-life trial and tribulation — I write about these things a lot here, so perhaps it seems that these are areas of distinction, areas that make me different.

    But at the end of the day, I’m just plain old “John Place,” husband, father, and friend.

    One of the things I mentioned in an article I wrote several months ago is that a person’s happiness is greatly affected by income when he starts to slide into poverty, there at the base of Maslow’s pyramid. And if I don’t start earning a livable wage soon, that’s where I’m going to end up.

    I still believe in the pursuit of meaningful work. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and few blogging empires pay a livable wage within 5 months. Things take time. Sacrifices are necessary.

    When I finally do turn this blog into an income generating machine that allows me to pay my bills doing something I love, I hope you’ll have stayed around to watch it happen.

    Thanks again for all your support. And yes, I do plan to keep blogging. I love this blog. And I cherish my interactions with all of you.

    In short, I’ll keep blogging, if you’ll keep reading. :)

  • Jake says:

    We will miss you.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks Jake. Truth be told, I’m not really going anywhere. I’m just not sure how often I’ll be checking in. :)

    I’m not done blogging.

  • sanjay sharma says:

    keeping in mind that you are not left the blogging but doing a job to pay your bills. i want to ask something from you.

    you are left the full time blogging in just five months time. i read your site it is full of good content. but you know that it will take some time may be 9 month or more to reach to the people and get the survival income. (i am not expert. this is only my views) after getting the survival income you give your best to take your blog to new height.

    don’t you know before taking full time blogging that it will take minimum one year time to be stand on your feet. and in this one year you have to survive in your own past saving. i have also a new blog which is in hindi language. but i am doing a job and also blogging and when my blog gives me desired income than i leave my job.

    sorry if i hurt you but the question comes to my mind again and again that how can you make this mistake. if a person like me who is not so intelligent sure enough that with full time blogging you cannot pay the bills in five months time. how can you so sure. and if you are so sure than what had happened to your beliefs. because i from my point of view if our beliefs are positive than it give us what we desire. if you are fail to get the enough income in five months time it means that having positive belief does not help much in life. and what about the manifesting technique. you are smarter than me and you have good knowledge about this manifestation area. can this will not help you to get the enough income. it means that the manifestation area is all fraud. i have so much questions to write but i am fearing that may i am hurting you. because you are right now in the middle of the tough decision and these raised questions will hurt you.

    so my question is same can belieft, thinking positive thoughts, law of attraction and positive action will not help you to get what you want or love. what is the failure part. your contents shows me that you are intelligent and i donot think that you lacked the knowledge and make mistake to implement it in your life. but you have a actual life experience i want your honest comments on this toplic which not help you but also helps the other person. because a vast majority of people think with the help of law of attraction we can get what we want in life. you view is not only appreciating but highly desired by the majority of people.

    and i once again appologies if i hurt you.

    sanjay sharma, india

  • John, even if you write only 1-2 articles a week now, I don’t think your readers will go anywhere. It’s quality that counts.

    It’s funny because I have been in a similar situation… the past 3 months I have had a unique opportunity where I have been able to spend time blogging, have quality time with my 7 month old, and pursuing other interests. The time has come though… I am looking for a “real job” and would not be surprised if I have a job again within 2 weeks.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Sanjay Sharma, your question is a good one, but you’ve made a couple of bad assumptions about my situation — I’ll take responsibility for it, though, because your misunderstanding is probably my fault.

    I did not choose to leave my last job. I was laid off. The office where I worked closed its doors forever, and my job vanished out from under me. During the months that followed, I decided to take some time off work and start this blog. It was a unique opportunity, and I made the most of it.

    I never expected to make a livable wage from this blog before returning to work. I always knew this day would come.

    This is just life, Sanjay. I made the most of a bad situation, and in the end, everything turned out fine. And as we’ve discussed, this blog will continue to move forward. My beliefs are alive and well. This blog was not started as an article of faith to begin with; it was started as an exploration and a contribution to my fellow man, and on those grounds, I’d say it’s been a raging success.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Peter: Thanks for your thoughts. My situation sounds very similar to yours. I started this blog because I had a unique opportunity (read: a lay off) to do so.

    Instead of sitting around doing nothing for months on end following the lay-off (or, alternatively, heading directly back to work), I decided to do something productive and different with my time. I think it has turned out wonderfully. No regrets here.

  • Chrissy says:

    I’m not going anywhere. I think it’s awesome that you did the full time thing for a while – I believe you did touch lives and it sounds like the experience taught you a lot in the process. Your writing is so heartfelt, I can only think that if you live your life with just a small fraction of the passion you display in your writing, you will find success in whatever you choose to do.
    And might I encourage others to “support” you in your last 2 weeks by enjoying the beautiful and helpful resources listed in your sidebar (under Ads by Google)? I know I certainly will…

  • sanjay sharma says:

    thanks for response. now i am clear on certain is not your fault at all. actually we live in a world where things are interpreter through the nagative point of view. i mean when we hear some unusual news we first think how bad it is and consider the negative points.

    i want to make a request to you to write a series of articles or single article (you know better) on this experience throught the point of view from belief, law of attraction and other things if this relate to your situation. and i think not only i but majority of your blog reader is interested to read it.

    because this is actual happening and we have hear and read the stories from manifestation gurus but you case showing us the true validity of these terms (belief, positive thinking, passion, and specially law of attraction). because you are going through this experience and you have better knowledge about the law of attraction and other things so that is why we expect that you can give us the true picture of these terms.

    and what a relief to know that it is your conscious choice and you are fine with your life. and i give you best of luck to your new career and i pray god that your blog grow so much that you does not need any job to support you.


    sanjay sharma, india

  • Lyndee says:

    John, as much as I thoroughly enjoy each and every article I am happy to know that you do have a job that will pay the bills. I think you will eventually attract a quantity of sponsors that will allow you blog full time. I also wonder if your new job my inspire some of your forthcoming articles. That might prove to be very interesting. The new job may be a blessing in disguise.

    Remember when Jimmy Buffet still lived in the Keys and wrote all those great songs? Then he got married and moved back to Alabama. He no longer had the resources for the great material. Pirate Looks at Forty, Cuban Crime of Passion – you don’t conjure up those kinds of pictures in your mind in Alabama! He’s gone downhill ever since, IMO.

    I’ve looked forward to and enjoyed every article I have read. Sometimes you make me feel like you can reach into our souls and bring what we know but don’t face to the surface (behold).

    As I have heard many times: “You don’t own your things – they own you.” This blog owns you. It’s addictive – to us as well as you.

    Write when you can. We’ll be here.


  • munish says:

    This is a big shock . I wish you to be back to full time blogging,very soon.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Chrissy: Thanks for the support. It is much appreciated.

    Sanjay: I appreciate the follow up. Yes, I will be writing more about my experience within the coming days, but all things in moderation.

    Lyndee: Thank you for the heartfelt comment; I was very moved by it. You made my day.

  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks Munish. I certainly will do my best.

  • Scott Young says:


    Ah… the joys of blogging while working. I’m sure it will give you some inspiration with your time-management approach. I’m currently taking classes fulltime, taking the presidency of my Toastmasters club and trying to maintain a social life, while writing 7-8 posts a week.

    Good luck and remember that it’s these challenges that really show whether you can walk the talk!


  • JohnPlace says:

    Thanks Scott. I certainly appreciate you stopping in here to leave your comment. :)

    I must say, “walking the talk” is only expected of one who’s actually “talked the talk,” and you’ll find only a handful of time-management articles on this site because it’s not my forte. People looking for a good introduction to various time management philosophies would probably be better served checking out your fantastic blog instead of hanging around here.

    My blog focuses on meaning, purpose and happiness in the modern world. I’ve “talked the talk” an awful lot about leading a purpose-driven life, self-actualizing, and finding happiness at the top of Maslow’s pyramid. And that’s where my biggest test awaits.

    In addition, while it’s true that tests like this are important for determining if a person can “walk the talk,” there is no challenge awaiting me here that I have not seen before, in various permutations. The quest for meaning, purpose and happiness is ever-evolving, and trust me when I say that the challenge of being home all summer will likely prove to have been on par with the challenge of returning to work now.

    Thanks again for the encouragement. Coming from you, it means a lot. And keep up the good work with your fantastic blog, Scott.

  • Melanie says:


    I have really enjoyed your blog! Keep it coming!!


  • JohnPlace says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Melanie!

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  • gjb7102 says:

    Well, Dear JohnPlace,
    It is October 31, 2007.
    I just found your site today and have looked through all of your blogs and find them all very
    interested. I really enjoyed reading your “About” you. I find it very interesting you made this statement in this blog, “There’s a bunch of other stuff I could share here, but I guess I won’t bore you with the details of my life, my new job, or this blog, unless you ask.” So, I’m asking how are things going with your life, new job and blogging?
    If you don’t mind me asking one more question: Will you be finishing your book? I hope these questions are not too personal?

  • JohnPlace says:

    Hello gjb7102,

    Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. My job is keeping me very busy! And what little free time I have I tend to use to read books and write articles. :)

    My life is going great! The new job is about what I expected it to be, which is to say that it’s a good job. I was very picky this time around.

    Also, my book is still a work in progress. I have a bunch of classroom experiences to sort through and write up, for starters. My top 3 priorities right now are my family, my blog, and my job — the book is something I work on as time permits.

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