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The 7 Best Personal Development Stories on this Website

икониикона за подаръкХудожникI write a lot of true stories from my own life on this Website. You may be wondering why I tell stories when so many other personal development authors are turning out short bulleted lists instead. I write stories for two reasons: I enjoy it, and I honestly believe that a good story is often the best way …Continue reading →

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Life Lessons from a Cranky Old Man

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve told sad stories. So today, I’m going to mix it up and tell a good old-fashioned Tale of the Strange and Bizarre, 100% true (like all the stories on this site) and chock full of valuable life lessons for your enjoyment and edification. Proving once again that life’s most important lessons can arrive …Continue reading →


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Jason’s Story: Life Lessons from a Tragedy

Jason’s story is the saddest story I know. I’m sharing Jason’s story only because I believe the life lessons involved in this story are worth talking about. Before you read any further, it’s only fair to warn you that this is a long post that contains some very sad subject matter. But as with my last post, there are lessons …Continue reading →


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How to Learn from Your Parents, Even if They Weren’t The Greatest

I want to tell you a story about my father. The story is sad, but hopeful. And if you can tolerate the sorrow, my hope is that you’ll come away from this article with a greater appreciation for all the wonderful things you can learn from your parents, no matter how you feel about the way they raised you. But …Continue reading →


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My 7 Most Significant Life Lessons of 2007

Why does this post seem like a confession? Maybe because it catalogs the major events of my life over the last 12 months in an effort to capture everything I learned during that time. What follows are some of the most important life lessons I’ve ever learned, and if you want to learn them too (insomuch as one is capable …Continue reading →


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How to Stop Being Envious of Other People

Do you find yourself envious of other people? Do these feelings of envy affect the way you feel about yourself? About others? If you answered yes to any of these questions (and especially if you answered yes to all three), listen up: you’re wasting your potential; squandering your happiness. Let’s talk about how you can put envy behind you forever …Continue reading →

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Life Lessons from the Ghost of Christmas Past

If you’re lucky, you come from a family that expresses lots of love and warmth during the holiday season. If you’re not lucky, your family might be something like mine. Listen, I love my family. But every time we all get together for the holidays (brothers, sisters, grandmothers, nieces, nephews), someone always has too much egg nog, says something stupid, …Continue reading →


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Are You a Misbehaving Parent?

If you want to observe bad parenting in action, start spending time in family restaurants. I do my share of eating out, and I believe that family restaurants are hands-down the best place to watch parents making fools of themselves in public, not that I enjoy the spectacle, mind you. Incident #1: The Loudmouth Dad Last night, my wife and …Continue reading →

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Reading Road Signs on the Highway of Life

A good friend of mine once gave me a bit of advice I’d like to pass along to you. We were sitting in his kitchen at two in the morning, knocking back beers and talking about women. I’d spent the previous half-hour telling him terrible secrets about my love life: I couldn’t trust the woman I loved, and my relationship …Continue reading →


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13 Simple Words that Could Change Your Life Forever

The following 13 words have the power to change your life: Victimhood is a position of powerlessness, while accountability is a position of power. When I was in grade school, bullies picked on me all the time. At lunchtime, I practically had a target on my back, and every schoolyard thug made it his personal mission to call me names …Continue reading →

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