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The Road to Happiness has a Fork in it!

Yes, the road to happiness has a fork in it. And no, I’m not talking about the type of fork you eat with, although I suppose one of those might be involved for some people (this is off topic, but I’m thinking it’s time for me to start a new diet). What I’m talking about are two distinct roads, each …Continue reading →

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How to Stop Being Envious of Other People

Do you find yourself envious of other people? Do these feelings of envy affect the way you feel about yourself? About others? If you answered yes to any of these questions (and especially if you answered yes to all three), listen up: you’re wasting your potential; squandering your happiness. Let’s talk about how you can put envy behind you forever …Continue reading →

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The Serenity Prayer Re-envisioned as a Kick-Butt Battle Plan for Your Life

When I was a small boy, my mother had a lot of crafty things hanging on the walls: pictures of geese, cross-stitches of farm animals; that sort of thing. She also had an inspirational quotation embroidered onto white canvas, hanging on the kitchen wall, near the pantry. Little did I know that the tattered and frayed words stitched into that …Continue reading →

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10 Causes and Cures of Unhappiness

One of the quickest ways to spread the sunny rays of happiness over your life is to directly confront the negative attitudes darkening your doorstep.   While neither universal nor all-encompassing, the joy-stealing attitudes and corresponding cures listed below are common enough to warrant a thumbtack on the wall of many lives, including my own.

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Beat Insomnia with 14 Proven Techniques

Insomnia is estimated to affect more than half the adult U.S. population. In my anxiety article, I discussed my own struggles falling asleep. And if you keep reading this article, you’ll discover all my insomnia busting techniques – everything I know to help you get a good night’s sleep, no matter what type of anxiety you’re dealing with.

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How to Deal with Difficult People Vol. 1

Is your boss driving you crazy? Are your co-workers getting on your last nerve? If you need help coping with difficult people, check out my tips for dealing with these 4 difficult personality types: the bully, the whiner, the gossip, and the know-it-all.


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Help for Students Searching for Meaningful Careers

I received an email last week from a public school teacher named Karen, asking if I’d be willing to pilot my meaningful career program with her summer school students. I jumped at the opportunity, and I think you’ll be interested to hear the results of the first day’s lesson.

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4 Bulletproof Strategies for Making Better Decisions

Need help making a decision? Try one of my proven heuristics for making decisions with confidence and clarity. Put simply, a heuristic is a loosely organized plan based on rules of thumb, observations, and common sense. I developed these heuristics to help software teams navigate project decisions, but you can use them to make real-life decisions at work or at …Continue reading →

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Resolve Arguments Like a Pro with 7 Proven Techniques

Arguing with your spouse? Feuding with your boss? Fighting with your parents or teachers? Adopt a new frame of mind and try solving that dispute one more time. As a team leader for a large software organization, I sometimes had to help feuding teammates settle an argument. Over the years, I taught my teammates 7 tried and true conflict resolution …Continue reading →

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13 Simple Words that Could Change Your Life Forever

The following 13 words have the power to change your life: Victimhood is a position of powerlessness, while accountability is a position of power. When I was in grade school, bullies picked on me all the time. At lunchtime, I practically had a target on my back, and every schoolyard thug made it his personal mission to call me names …Continue reading →

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