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How to Stop Being Envious of Other People

Do you find yourself envious of other people? Do these feelings of envy affect the way you feel about yourself? About others? If you answered yes to any of these questions (and especially if you answered yes to all three), listen up: you’re wasting your potential; squandering your happiness. Let’s talk about how you can put envy behind you forever …Continue reading →

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The 3 Layer Cake of Happiness

If you’re looking for a quick way to remember the basic principles of happiness without going blind reading the latest research, this article is for you. Let’s start with some helpful symbolism, shall we? I like to think of happiness as a cake. That’s right, a cake. Chocolate, Angel Food, or Black Forest Surprise, the flavor makes no difference. What …Continue reading →

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Is Television Killing Your Happiness?

Your entire life, you’ve heard various reasons why watching too much television is bad for you, and I’m about to give you one more: watching too much TV affects your happiness. Television commercials – and often the programs themselves – purposefully make you feel unsatisfied in order to trigger your buying impulse. After all, if you felt satisfied with your …Continue reading →

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A Career Seeker’s Guide to Money and Meaning

You, my readers, have been flooding my inbox with questions about money, happiness, and career satisfaction. Here’s a small sample of the questions you’ve sent me within the last 4 days: –How much money does a person need to be happy? –Should I concentrate on following my dreams or getting rich? –Will I enjoy a job even if it doesn’t …Continue reading →

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Have You Fallen For These 7 Pop Culture Myths of Fabulous Living?

As a culture, we have a lot of silly ideas about what it means to live a fabulous life. How could a woman struggling with substance abuse, rehab, divorce, custody issues, allegations of parental neglect, career implosion, and other happiness-crushing problems have been featured on a show called The Fabulous Life? The woman I’m talking about is Britney Spears. The …Continue reading →

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19 Ugly Things You Didn’t Know about Materialism

We all know that money can’t buy happiness; everybody says so. And as it so happens, everybody is right; tons of research proves it. But did you realize that a highly materialistic lifestyle could actually damage your mind and body? Yes, I realize this sounds like a load of leftist propaganda (despite the fact that I’m neither leftist nor a …Continue reading →

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Top 7 Ways to Live Your Best Life

Our lives are like clay on a potter’s wheel. Each day, the wheel turns anew, and with our decisions, we shape our lives; we are sculptures formed by choices, vessels crafted by free will. Your life: your masterpiece, your unique creation. While it’s true that we all must decide for ourselves what shape our lives should take, I offer you …Continue reading →

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Have You Fallen for these 7 Negative Attitudes Pushed by the Media?

Like it or not, we live in a media driven world. We spend 11 hours a day bombarded by television, radio, Internet, and other forms of media, a non-stop onslaught on the psyche, an ever-churning series of images, sound bites, opinions, and advertisements, but precious little substance. The media provides shared experience, collective memory. Unfortunately, many of the ideas we’re …Continue reading →

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21 Critical Life Lessons You Didn’t Learn in School

If someone doesn’t take us aside and teach us a few things (assuming we’d listen) before we graduate high school, we are doomed to learn life’s hardest lessons in the real world beyond the classroom. With that in mind, here are 21 non-academic lessons every person should know before he or she graduates high school; if you graduated long ago (as I did), this list …Continue reading →


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Help for Students Searching for Meaningful Careers

I received an email last week from a public school teacher named Karen, asking if I’d be willing to pilot my meaningful career program with her summer school students. I jumped at the opportunity, and I think you’ll be interested to hear the results of the first day’s lesson.

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