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Reader Question: How can I make your experience at this site more enjoyable?

I give a lot of advice on this site. Today, I am going to ask you for something in return: your opinion. I issue a challenge to every single subscriber and reader to come out of the woodwork and leave a comment telling me what I can do to make this Web Site more enjoyable for you. I would consider …Continue reading →

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Response to Reader Questions: Yes, this Blog Remains Upwardly Mobile

First off, let me apologize for making two personal posts within two days — I like to keep my articles focused on you, the reader; not on me. But I have to tell you a quick story. My wife popped into the office a few hours ago to read my last post — you know, the post where I mentioned …Continue reading →

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End of an Era: Time to Get a Day Job

This post is just a quick notice to all my faithful readers that my life, and this blog, are going through some changes. As it so happens, I can no longer afford to blog full-time. And so it is with great sadness that my 5-month stint as a full-time blogger comes to a close. I just landed a new job …Continue reading →

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Links Make the World Go ‘Round

It’s been a while since I’ve done a link post, so I figured it was about time for me to get back up on that horse, race around to my fellow bloggers, slap hands, wave, and call attention to all their wonderful posts.  And at the same time, give you something relevant to browse and contemplate over the weekend.  Enjoy. 7 Ways to Become a Positive …Continue reading →

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Links Make the World Go ‘Round

After scouring the Internet for the last week, I’ve found a handful of links worth passing along, each a worthy addition to the topics discussed here everyday. How to Find What You Love to Do— If you’ve read my synergy series of articles, you know how strongly I believe in the power of devoting our lives to work we love; …Continue reading →

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Switching from Partial to Full RSS Feeds

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that this site’s RSS feed has been switched from partial to full text.  If you previously unsubscribed because the feed was partial-text only, subscribe today and enjoy full text delivered via email or the feed-reader of your choice. If you experience any problems with the RSS feed, leave a comment here.  I’ll …Continue reading →

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How to Get the Most out of This Website

My name is John Place. Welcome to my site. This isn’t really an article — it’s a response to the many emails I receive every week.  What you’ll find below is a quick list of tips to help you get the most out of your experience here: Mostly, it’s about how to find the information you want.

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Ready-Set-Go! Free eBook to the First 50 People Who Ask.

Update 6-17-2007: All Slots Filled. Thank You!   I just finished writing the first draft of my new eBook, How to find a Meaningful Career in 4 Simple Steps. And I’m offering it free to the first 50 people who ask for it.

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