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7 Dumb Reasons Smart People Settle for Terrible Jobs

There are a lot of people in this world who believe that work necessarily involves pain and sacrifice. They say, “All jobs suck.” They say, “You might as well go for the big money because money is the only reason anyone works.” They say, “Anyone who thinks he can find a job that will actually make him happier is a …Continue reading →

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The 9 Factors of Workplace Happiness

According to a study conducted by The Conference Board in 2005, Americans are increasingly unhappy with their jobs: –Only 14% claim to be “very satisfied.” –50% say they’re dissatisfied. –25% say they’re “just showing up for the paycheck.” In the interest of investigating why so many of us dislike our jobs, I offer you these 9 factors of workplace happiness. …Continue reading →

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A Career Seeker’s Guide to Money and Meaning

You, my readers, have been flooding my inbox with questions about money, happiness, and career satisfaction. Here’s a small sample of the questions you’ve sent me within the last 4 days: –How much money does a person need to be happy? –Should I concentrate on following my dreams or getting rich? –Will I enjoy a job even if it doesn’t …Continue reading →

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Hate Your Job? First, Shatter Your Work Prejudice

Our culture has a prejudice against work that dates back thousands of years. We view work as a troublesome sacrifice instead of an opportunity for joy and meaning. This prejudice is so ingrained in Western culture that many of us have given up hope of ever finding a job that makes us happy. So let’s talk about the prejudice, so …Continue reading →

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7 Questions to Help Identify Your Dream Job

Ask any child what he wants to be when he grows up, and he’ll give you an answer from the heart. The child’s answer may be silly, unreasonable, or hopelessly cliché; it will certainly be ill informed, with little hope of realization.  But the answer will be serious to the child, and he’ll expect you to take it seriously too.  Children want to …Continue reading →

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Help for Students Searching for Meaningful Careers

I received an email last week from a public school teacher named Karen, asking if I’d be willing to pilot my meaningful career program with her summer school students. I jumped at the opportunity, and I think you’ll be interested to hear the results of the first day’s lesson.

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The #1 Reason Your Job Sucks (and How to Fix it)

Most people complaining that “work sucks” do so because they picked the wrong career.  Instead of following their dreams, they followed a reliable (or convenient) market path.  When we reach adulthood, popular opinion encourages us to discard the fantasies of youth and pick one of the prefabricated career paths available at the local university or trade school.  But popular opinion is wrong. Following your dreams is …Continue reading →

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6 Steps to Earning a Big Fat Raise

During my 7 years as a software engineer and architect, I was the master of the big raise. In an office where salary increases averaged 6%, my raises routinely pegged the double digit percentages. Further boosting my salary, I sometimes landed multiple raises in the same year via promotion. The end result was a near doubling of my base salary, without …Continue reading →

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Use the Self-Guided Work Ethic to Find a Meaningful Job in the Modern World

Imagine a world where work inspires us. Imagine a future where you define your work ethic, your goals, your motivations. Imagine waking up in the morning ready to take on the world because you believe in what you’re doing. Now stop imagining. The revolution of the self-guided work ethic is here.

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Are You an American Zombie?

Millions of Americans spend their lives semi-conscious, unable to awaken from the darker version of the American Dream – an endless parade of office buildings, meetings, shopping malls, and television commercials.


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