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Synergy, the Key to Greater Energy and Happiness

energy.jpgThe key to energy and happiness is synergy.  Unfortunately, many people are living with antagonism.  Let’s take a look at the difference.   


Synergy is a force that causes your total energy to be greater than the sum of its parts.  We experience the magic of synergy whenever we dedicate ourselves to work that fulfills us.  

They say there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, but a human being working at something he loves comes close.  I love writing articles for this Web Site, so my work makes me happy.  My wife senses my good mood when she gets home from work, which helps our relationship, which in turn makes me feel even happier!  My ever-increasing happiness, sense of purpose, and confidence makes everything I do easier and more enjoyable.  That’s the power of synergy!  If you spend your time in pursuit of something you find personally fulfilling, the positive energy spreads to every area of your life.  You end up with more energy, not less.  And your happiness is contagious, so it spreads to others.  


 The opposite of synergy is antagonism. 

The term antagonism implies forces in opposition, which makes sense because we experience its harmful effect whenever we work in opposition to our internal motivations.

Figuring out your internal motivations can be hard work, but it’s a lot harder to spend your life doing work you hate.

I have a friend who hates his job so much that even a half-day at the office leaves him drained and grumpy. He comes home from work in a foul mood, which causes him to argue with his wife, which in turn further increases his stress and leaves him more tired and depleted. If you dedicate yourself to tasks that do not fulfill you, antagonism can spread like a cancer to every area of your life. 

Reasons to Hate Your Job

There are as many reasons to hate your job as there are stars in the sky: bad boss, poor utilization of natural skills, unhealthy environment, unrealistic expecations. But even if you are lucky enough to find a job with a fantastic boss and stellar environment, there is one important question waiting for you at the top of the mountain.  And that question is, Do you find the work fulfilling in and of itself?

Many people become frustrated with their jobs long before they ever reach the point of questioning their ultimate fulfillment, while others seem to live happily without any sense of purpose at all.  But for people like me (and maybe you too if you’re still reading this), the need for purpose and fulfillment is a major driving force.  After all, we spend more of our life working than we spend on anything else.  Shouldn’t we spend that time on something that matters to us?   

Living Synergistically

If you want to live synergistically, find something you are truly passionate about, then get behind the mighty plow of your life and start pushing. What things are you good at? What do you love to do? What activities cause you to lose all track of time? The answer to these questions may help reveal your natural gifts. These may be cognitive gifts, such as problem solving, number crunching, or abstract thinking. Or you may have emotional gifts, such as the ability to empathize with and care for others. Perhaps you have physical gifts, like strength, speed and agility. And the question is, Can you get someone to pay you to use your natural gifts to accomplish a mission you believe in?  

Uncover Your Message 

I believe everyone has a message inside of him or her waiting to get out. A message doesn’t have to be something you tell the world explicitly, but it should be something you want to communicate to the world through your actions.  Your message is the reality that you want others to experience, understand, and appreciate.  Quite simply, your message is your purpose in life.  

So what’s your message? Is there a particular topic you love sharing with others? If so, maybe your message lies somewhere within that topic.  If you’re not sure what your message is (like most people), I will help you discover it later in this series of articles.  For now, the point I want you to remember is this: The key to reaping the benefits of synergy is finding a way to use your natural abilities to communicate your message.  Once you uncover your message, the work will come flowing out of you like a river.  That’s the perpetual motion of synergy at work.   

Find a way to live your message, and synergy will be yours. And your life will no longer be about juggling all your obligations; instead, it will be about living the life you were meant to live.

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