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What’s this Website all about?

Who is John Place?

First things first, my name is John Place. As it so happens, my last name confuses a lot of people. When people see the name of my site (John Place Online), they seem to automatically assume that I’m some guy named John and that this site is my “Place Online.” Well, I suppose that’s true. But my name is still John Place. :-)

So what am I all about?

I am a creator of hope, arbiter of positive change, realizor of potential, evangelist of personal growth, and champion of purpose.

I am not a guru. I am a husband, father, loyal friend, trusted advisor, professional mentor, former talk-show host, voice-over specialist, research fanatic, academic tutor, audio-visual geek, volunteer, and software engineer.

I graduated first in my class from the University of Missouri with a degree in Management Information Systems. After college, I spent 7 years climbing the corporate ladder as a programmer and architect, earning prodigious salary increases.

At the young age of 19, I was hosting my own political talk-show in a top 15 market.

Working as an academic tutor, my students always passed, with average grade increases of two full letters.

In college, I developed a memory technique that helped me memorize 70 full pages (23,000 words) of my psychology textbook. I have taught this technique to others with great success.

My great joy in life is helping people realize their potential.

What is the purpose of John Place Online?

Too often in life, we settle. We ignore our natural gifts. We suppress our need for purpose. We exchange the dreams of youth for the uninspiring tedium of adulthood. Somewhere along the way, we stop growing.

This Web Site is an expression of my desire to keep growing, to keep learning, and to keep driving toward a happier, more fulfilling life. It is also an expression of my lifelong commitment to helping others do the same.

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